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Dutch West group
is Sam Reich, Josh Ruben, Matt Moore, Vincent Peone, and Elaine Carroll. We make web videos, and other videos too. We started in 2003 when there was no such thing as computers. Before we knew it we had a fan base, live shows at UCB, and were working with people like Tribeca and Turner. Right now we're building our website, doing web series, and trying to beat each other in Goldeneye 64.

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2/28 Troopers: Forcefield

About this video Josh and Sam star in this new CollegeHumor series of intergalactic proportions. Guest-starring Aubrey Plaza!

1 Troopers: Forcefield

2 Very Mary Kate: Fired

3 Very Mary Kate: Naked

4 Hello My Name Is: Gale Beggy

5 VMK: Hoffmoween